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Mugen The Hand
(ムゲン・ザ・ハンド, lit. "Infinite Hand") is a catch hissatsu technique in the Inazuma Eleven universe.



The technique is obtained from Endou Daisuke's Ultimate Technique Notebook. The secret of the move mentioned by Endou is "shutatatan, dobababam" which may be referred to how the technique is used which is raising both hands slowly, then quickly clapping his/her hands, reaching for the ball and catching it. This move was originally made by Endou Daisuke, but even he could not complete this technique. Tachimukai was able to evolve it to G5. It was broken by God Break and later by Hellfire. When used multiple hands appear behind the user and then they grab the ball, every time it goes up a grade two more hands appear behind the user.


In the second Inazuma Eleven game, it consumes a players TP by 57. In the third Inazuma Eleven game, it consumes a players TP by 50.


  • When it was incomplete, its aura was blue, but when Tachimukai finally completed it, its aura became yellow, like the aura of the others hissatsu created by Endou Daisuke.