Bakunetsu Storm
(爆熱 ストーム, Baku-netsu Sutōmu) (dub: Fireball Storm) is a shoot hissatsu technique in the Inazuma Eleven universe.


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  • [KH] [[Enma Gazard|Enma Gazard
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This hissatsu is shown for the first time against Epsilon Kai and scored a goal, destroying Drill Smasher, their strongest keeper move. Gouenji mastered it with the help of Hijikata when he was taken off Raimon. It was first catched by Nero's Procyon Net.

Info (GO)Edit

It reappear again in Episode 42 as an Keshin Hissatsu. Kurosaki used this in order to score the second point.


When Gouenji uses this move, first he powers up and a gigantic figure made out of fire comes out behind him. The figure then lifts Gouenji up and spins through the air in a similar fashion to his Fire Tornado; he then kicks the ball with much more power.
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  • This hissatsu,along Majin The Hand are the only hissatsu from the original series that was powered up and used in GO as a Keshin hissatsu.
  • The second difference (first being usage of keshin) between the original Bakunetsu Storm and Keshin Bakunetsu Storm is that the letters appear after the ball has been kicked by Gouenji, when the ball is sent towards the goal, but in Inazuma Eleven GO's Bakunetsu Storm, the letters appear when Kurosaki Makoto kicks the ball.